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A cooperative, long-lasting relationship allows Ompe and its partners to work successfully and generate value for all.

OMPE and its partners can only work successfully and constantly generate value if they form a cooperative and long-lasting a partnership. Due to this strong teamwork approach, the supply process is seen as a joint activity of both OMPE and its partners, allowing them to:
  • collaborate closely  in order to optimize the economic value of the joint processes, as well as helping each other find ways of becoming more efficient and effective;
  • develop the skills of both partners, networking invaluable experience, knowledge and opportunities for learning;
  • benefit from a dependable partnership, which helps both partners overcome difficulties of all kinds and avoid operational risks.

Critical success factors

In its ability to develop a cooperative and long-lasting partnership, OMPE can guarantee its partners three unique qualities:



OMPE has always aimed at offering high quality services, characterized by research into geometric and dimensional excellence (exploiting every aspect of the latest technology) and secondary services organized to satisfy the individual demands of every partner.



OMPE is renowned for its ability to adapt to the needs of its partners: it is able to meet a variety of different needs that may arise unexpectedly, taking prompt action and an a proactive approach.



One of OMPE’s objectives is to build a solid network of partnerships with companies from other countries, especially in Europe.

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